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Wood Utensils Mixing Paddle Oak 36" Pala Heavy Duty Commercial Cazo Carnitas

M.D.S Cuisine Cookwares

  • $29.99

 Wood Utensils Mixing Paddle Oak 36" Spoon Heavy Duty
 Commercial Cazo Carnitas
Made out of natural wood for durability and delicate mixing.
Ideal for any eatery that requires stirring large quantities of food that requires a delicate, but firm
Wooden mixing paddle is meant to be used with any large cook pot that can hold a large quantity
 of food.
Since it is crafted out of Oak wood, it will stay sturdy and reliable for quite some time and will
 endure repeated uses.
Stainless steel mixing paddle is ideal for any restaurant, cafeteria, buffet, or eatery that requires
 stirring large quantities of food such as mashed potatoes,carnitas, fried rice, noodles, soups, or
 any other food that requires a delicate, but firm touch.
Heavy duty , mixing Paddle for cazos, extra large Pots.
Measures : 36"

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