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Molcajete Mini 4.5" Salsero de Barro Traditional Authentic Mexican Artisan Lead Free Clay Serving Bowl


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This Barro Molcajete like Salsero is perfect for it’s many uses, Great for your Kitchen, Home and/or Restaurant. It also makes for elegant Decor as well as they are Handcrafted, shaped and molded by skilled and dedicated Mexican Artisans. Serve a variety of condiments such as Guacamole, Salsas, Cilantro, Onions and much more out of them. They are made using 100 % Lead Free Clay making them safe and ready for personal use. The special and authentic hand shaping of the Barro makes them unique in proportion. An element that makes handmade so beautifully perfect. There are no breaks, but keep in mind that this clay material is hand handled, shaped and made. These Molcajete Salseros de Barro are ready for use and certainly to add a bit of Mexican style decor to any table setting or folk kitchen. With this product you aren’t just buying a dish but rather a piece of Artistry. They have a 1.5” deep bowl, and measure approx. 4.5” x 2” They each come with 3 tripod like feet on the bottom of each bowl just as your Traditional style Molcajete which really add to the Decorative Splendor of this Barro Salsera Molcajete bowl.

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