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Jarra De Barro 1 Qt Jarrito Blue and Pink Artisan Artezenia Pitcher Cantarito Clay Water Dispenser (Blue.B)

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  • $26.99

This Pitcher De Barro, traditionally used in Mexico to store & drink water, is popular for giving the water a refreshing delicious earthy flavor thanks to the clay with which it’s made and will at the same time keep your water, or beverage nice and cool for you as well. The red clay is gathered from the surrounding hills. Bits of wood, stone and corn are used as tools to mould the clay on a traditional banding wheel. The pottery is burnished using a stone and brush to give it a smooth unglazed finish. Finally it is pit fired under corrugated metal with wood, sawdust and cardboard. This technique has been passed down through generations for hundreds of years in this village. This Pitcher De Barro is hand made & painted/decorated by Mexican Artisans so it may be a little rustic with small imperfections in the workmanship making each one unique & fully functional. Its a great piece that will also adorn your kitchen, given an authentic and traditional Mexican style and feel. This small 1 Qt. Pitcher will make a wonderful addition to any Kitchen or Mexican pottery collection, but makes a fine decoration as well. Perfect for Water, Cafe Creamer, Juice and more. There are no breaks, but please keep in mind that this clay material is hand handled, shaped and made; minimal chipping is natural. Pitcher is ready for use and certainly to add a bit of Mexican style decor to any table setting or folk kitchen. With this product you aren’t just buying a dish but rather a piece of Artistry. This beautiful, small sized 1 Qt. Pitcher De Barro measures aprox. 6.5” High X 4.5” at the opening X 5” in Diameter at the belly.

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