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Cast Iron Dutch Oven 4Qt Black With Lid Outdoor Camping

Cast Iron Dutch Oven 4Qt Black With Lid Outdoor Camping

M.D.S Cuisine Cookwares

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  • You can enjoy delicious gourmet meals even when you're on an outdoor adventure when you have the Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Lid. This type of cookware is best suited for when you are using firewood or coals to provide even heating for your meal. This 4qt dutch oven has solid and thick walls with a tight and heavy lid that is highly sought after. The heavy cover ensures that the food is kept moist throughout the entire cooking process.
  • This kind of style not only helps cook a delicious meal, but it also retains temperature for a long time compared to ordinary pots and pans.
  • Cast iron pot distributes heat evenly—perfect for both quick, high-heat browning and long, slow cooking.
  • Essential part of nearly any outdoor kitchen.10-in. diameter oven and lid have handles for convenience.
  • This 4qt dutch oven is designed to last for years to come Dimensions: 10"x10"Diameter x 5" Hight 4Qt.

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